Custom Artwork

If you like my work and are thinking about a custom piece, let's talk! As long as the desired artwork is fits my style and subjects that I have experience painting, I will gladly accept commissioned work.

Customized landscapes are my specialty! Do you like one of my pieces, but would love something similar in a different size or color scheme? Or, do you have a favorite vacation spot? A beautiful yard? A place that carries a special meaning for you and your family?   I would love to talk with you about what makes this place special and see as many photos as possible, after which I will provide you with an estimate that will be based on the size and level of complexity of the artwork. Generally, I require a 50% deposit before the start of work on all custom artwork.

I begin by using your photos to make a color sketch where I strive to create a feeling of the space versus a factual documentation of a particular angle or point of view. Throughout the painting process, I take progress photos, through which you will be able to watch your custom piece come together. When the piece is near completion, I will work on the finishing details to be sure that everything is to your liking.

Custom artwork is a fun, creative collaboration between an artist and a customer, where mutual trust and exchange of ideas are very important. The images on this page are examples of some of my favorite commissioned pieces that I have worked on the last couple of years. If this is an adventure that you would be up for, I would love to hear from you!

"Snowdonia" for Bill

"Happy Hour" for Susan H.

"Favorite Spot in Colorado" for The Lopez family

"Our Virginia Cabin" for Pam and Bob R.

"Vacation in Greece" for Ruth E.